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Please read the following NEW updated studio policies.

Kaylee's Committment

I promise to give my students the highest level of musical education I can possibly provide. I am determined to help my students reach their goals whatever they may be. I believe all students should strive to build healthy vocal technique, produce beautiful sound, and develop engaging performance skills.

Student's Expectation

Students are expected to arrive on time (or five minutes early!) with their music binder, homework journal, water bottle, and a positive and willing attitude that will allow us to work productively! Students and parents must understand that learning to sing is a long process. No matter what your goal is, you must be patient and willing to do the work!

  • Students are expected to continue study until the end of each registered session (Fall-Winter, summer, or Sweat & Sing six week sessions).

  • Monthly lesson fees are due on the 1st of every month. Payment can be made by etransfer or postdated cheques.

  • There is a $35 annual non-refundable registration fee for the Sept-June session.

  • Monthly payments are based on the number of lessons the student takes throughout the year, divided into 10 equal payments. Monthly payments are NOT based on the number of lessons per month and Holiday Breaks are excluded from your tuition. This way, no matter what day of the week a student has their lesson, by the end of the season you will have attended a minimum of the lessons you have paid for (additional cost for extra lessons).

  • Additional Fees:

    • Theory Books ($18-30 per level)​

    • Accompanist Fees for recitals (performance in optional)

    • Festival Registration Fees (participation is optional)

    • Any additional lessons are charged at a per lesson cost.

Lesson LENGTH & Format

Students have the option of 45 and 60 minute individual weekly lessons. 

All voice students are required to study music theory. Lessons will be divided into Voice & Theory (ie. 30 minutes voice, 15 minutes theory for a 45 minute lesson).

The first half of each voice lesson will be spent on warm-ups and technical exercises centered around a classical Bel Canto (beautiful singing) approach. The second half will be spent developing performance skills while studying a variety of genres and repertoire.


Students can study Classical Voice, Musical Theatre, and Popular Music.  Students wanting to study popular music will still be required to study classical technique and repertoire to help facilitate their technical growth.

Theory Lessons

Students must have a basic understanding of music theroy and study with either Kaylee or another qualified instructor. Theory is taught out of the RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) or Grace Vandendool Keyboard Theory books. Students may schedule theory lessons separate from their voice lessons or do a combined voice/theory lesson. Regular lesson rates apply and books are approximately $18-30 per level).

Performance Opportunities

Students interested in performance will sing in a minimum of two studio recitals each year (Fall & Winter). Additional recital fees will apply. Students must discuss all performance and competition opportunities with Kaylee. As a student, you are a direct reflection of the studio and it is important that you are fully prepared for all opportunities you choose to participate in.

I always encourage my students to perform as much as possible and enjoy preparing them for auditions and performances such as Calgary Performing Arts Festival, RCM Exams, school musicals, talent shows, church solos, etc. Students interested in competing in the festival must speak to Kaylee about it in September. Classes and repertoire needs to be determined in the Fall as registration is typically in December/January. RCM Exams in Theory or Voice must also be planned well in advance as preparation is extensive. 


Parents are welcome to sit in for the first lesson. After that, parents must wait outside the studio. Students are generally more comfortable experimenting with their voices when they do not have an audience. It is also important that the student and teacher build a bond through their work together!

Cancellation Policy

Any lessons cancelled by students will be forfeited. Please note your lesson time is reserved for you each week and you are expected to arrive on time each week. In special circumstances, lessons may be made up at the discretion of the instructor. If Kaylee is unable to teach a lesson for any reason, we will reschedule and make up the lesson free of additional charges. Please notify Kaylee as soon as possible if a singer is not able to attend their lesson. This policy is strictly enforced. 

-Please take a moment to read this article about makeup lessons and cancellations - it may give you a different perspective! 

Termination of Lessons

Students are expected to continue study until the end of each registered session. If you must terminate regular lessons, you must give a minimum of one month's written notice (email). Please note, lesson tuition will not be refunded for any reason. 


Photos from lessons, studio recitals, and events may be shared on the Sing with Kaylee social media pages for student access and advertising purposes. Please contact Kaylee if you do not want photos posted on social or the Sing with Kaylee website.


Disclaimer: In the event of any public health orders, extreme weather conditions, or any other unforeseen circumstance, classes will move to a virtual platform. No refunds will be granted.

Questions & Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns to discuss in person with Kaylee, this must happen at the beginning of the student's lesson. Otherwise, feel free to email or call!

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