Student Resouces 

Lessons cancelled by students are made up at the discretion of the instructor, but in most cases, the missed lessons will be forfeited. I require 48 hours notice if the student is unable to attend a lesson. If I am unable to teach a lesson for any reason, we will reschedule and make up the lesson free of additional charges. This policy is strictly enforced. Please take a moment to read this article about makeup lessons and cancellations - it may give you a different perspective! 
Technical Warm-Up

As a reminder to our work in our lessons, your warm-up

should include the following types of exercises done in

proper singing posture:


*Stretching arms, neck, back 

*Facial warm-ups

*Acting warm-ups


*Deep breaths

*Explore different breath pressures

*Dog Pant - Nasal






*Please continue to practice the exercises we do in your own private lesson! I have made a few sample warm-ups below for Kids and Adults that you can use if you do not have access to a piano or are unable to play. 

If you have not done a certain exercise, feel free to try it out and let me know that you have practiced it!

Diction Warm Up -For ALL - Sing with Kaylee
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Warm Up - For ALL - Unknown Artist
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Adults Technical Warm Up #1 - Sing with Kaylee
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Readings & Other Resources


IMSLP - Petrucci Music Library

FREE Classical Sheet Music Online

The LiederNet Archive

*Use for many translations


*For purchasing music books - they have the best selection!

International Phoenetic Alphabet

David Jones Studio

**I recommend all of my students like this page on Facebook. David Jones has a wealth of knowledge to offer voice students. His posts are extremely helpful.

The Royal Conservatory of Music

I hope you find these readings and other resources useful in supporting your child through their musical journey!


*ALL parents - please take a moment to read this article. It is about piano students, but applies directly to voice lessons. 

Music Lessons - Reaping the Benefits (RCM) 

The Music Parents' Guide

The National Association of Music Parents



Adult Technical Warm Up #2 - Sing with Kaylee
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KIDS Technical Warm Up #1 - Sing with Kaylee
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